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Take advantage of new technologies without being limited by prohibitive capital expenditures.

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Improve Your Business and IT Operations with Customizable Services

We will work closely with you to help  you define and assess your operational goals and develop a plan on how best to achieve them. We’ll combine managed services with world-class technologies for a solution that’s customized for your business—large or small. This way, you can take advantage of new and emerging technologies without disrupting your current operations.

Customizable IT Management Services

Improve your business operations with our full suite of customizable managed services. Every day we deliver advanced technologies and services to solve today’s complex communications challenges.

  • Asset Tracking | Understand your current communications network capital deployment with comprehensive asset tracking, including End-of-Life (EOL) and End-of-Manufacturer-Support (EOMS).
  • Capacity Planning | Efficiently provision current and future IT capacity with a fine-tuned review of applications and infrastructure.
  • Change Management | Adopt change to improve efficiencies with detailed planning, best practices, tools, and techniques.
  • Configuration Control | Gain life cycle performance control with proven disciplines for hardware and software systems: planning; identification; configuration; accounting; and verification/audit.
  • Deployment Delivery | No matter where you are, we are there. With a national footprint, we can quickly organize large-scale deployments of qualified, trained technicians and project managers.
  • Project Management | You’ll receive a uniform application of directives, policies, and performance metrics through our four-step methodology: project initiation; planning and design; project execution; and project completion.
  • Release Management | Protect your live environment while enabling changes in a controlled manner for a trouble-free “go live”.

Evolving Technology on an OPEX Budget with Adaptive Engagement Modeling

You can take advantage of new and emerging technologies without being limited by prohibitive capital expenditures with our exclusive Adaptive Engagement Modeling. We’ll deliver a customized solution from our menu of services and technologies bundled within a recurring operational expense. This approach enables your IT department to accelerate the deployment of new technologies while dramatically reducing the need to budget for future capital and operational expenditures. As your operation evolves, Black Box services and technologies can be adapted to your changing requirements. This modeling enables you to smartly and cost-effectively close the gap between your current IT environment and the IT requirements that meet your organization’s long-term business goals.